10:00 PM .. I’m alone at home and already getting sleepy.

Today Sally packed the rest of the stuff, we will move back to my parents house tomorrow .. I hate moving again, but this will save us some money.

The kids stayed with my mother during the day, on the way to go pick them up, Sally broke her glasses, so I took them to the local eyeglasses shop, they will solder it .. I can pick them up tomorrow .. not bad .. 3.00�

When we where at my mother’s .. we realize it would be a waste of time to bring the kids back to the apartment, so Sally stay at my folks for the night with the kids and I cam to the apartment alone.

Now here is the funny thing .. it’s 10:00 PM .. I am all alone in the house .. I dream sometimes what would it be to be alone again .. i always like it before .. but I don’t think i would like it now .. I miss them .. at night Sally sits on the laptop checking her ebay store .. and here and there she and I talk .. I miss that .. it makes time fly by .. tonight the house is so quiet .. and I am lost, .. don’t know what to do .. I do love my family .. even if they drive me crazy sometimes 🙂



Portuguese born, american accent, living in UK.

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