Dinner and a Movie

– shower registration
– dinner and movie

it’s almost 1:00 Am .. lets see .. what did we do today.

this morning me and sally (and Savannah of course) went to Babies R’Us to register for sally’s baby shower, I went to compusa for a bit, then I meet her in the store next door, we picked about 35 items, one of them is a “my first snoopy”, it’s a little different than the one Savannah has, which is good 🙂

we had made plans for a dinner and a movie, so we dropped Savannah at Lois at around 5:30 and headed out for dinner, I was a bit upset because we where already running late, and sure enough Sally thought it was ok to just chit chat with Lois while I was waiting on the car, making us even more late, i decided to go in the house, not so much to make Sally move, but also to kiss my baby good night, I hate when she goes to sleep without me giving her a good night kiss 🙂

On the way to the restaurant, Sally started to ask me about immigration, that really upset me allot, I was in the mood for a quiet evening, and she had to dig this crap up, so I got a bit agitated, I ended up by telling her I was upset about it, and she in all of her pregnant hormonal disarray, started to cry, she must have cry for 15 minutes, I was upset at how childish she was being, yes I had been an ass, but I did not thought it deserve that kind of displacement, I then told myself to remember she is pregnant, it is normal for her to be like this, we then made up and went in for dinner

Dinner was quite good, I had beef and shrimp, sally had ribs .. quite good, it’s a new place called cheddar’s . , new place for us I mean .. it was cheap also, so we definitely will go back

We got to the movies late, the movie we wanted to see “bringing down the house” was to start at 8:05 .. we got there at 8:10, I dropped Sally to buy the tickets and then .. I spent 30 f#### minutes trying to get a parking space .. no kidding .. 30 minutes .. I finally meet up with sally at almost 8:45 .. we exchanged the tickets for “anger management” at 9:30 ,. it was a good flick, we both laughed .. overall it was a good night

I have left Coco and Lucy out, the poor things have been caged almost all day, I will let them play for a little longer, and then i will go to bed .. getting a bit tired

what else ? .. well, spam seems to have winded down, I am still nervous about the new noc, I hope we will be able to pay for everything (the old noc stacking expenses is what worries me) .. but we will get thru it .. we always do don’t we ?



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