Val is prepping for the wedding.
A rare sight, we managed to get 3 prowlers toghether in London, mine is the red one in the centre 🙂
The sun setting over Dover’s port, seen from the white cliffs area. – Taken with the Canon 50mm 0.95 & Sony A7R
A golden sunset over the Dover cliffs
They sure are white !
GF at Dover beach, with the Canon 50mm 0.95 @ 0.95, very hard to focus in the dark, only ambient light available.
My first test with the Nikon 500mm, this shot is taken over london, so light pollution and haze on the atmosphere wont make it super…
Valdirene on a night out Test with the Canon 50mm @ f/0.95, with the Sony A7R It’s perhaps my first decent result with this lens,…
Sony A7R & Voigtlander 35mm f/1.2 + Voigtlander VM-E Close focus adapter.
Sony A7R + Canon 50mm 0.95 .. great artistic combo.