New Tent – Ozark Trail 16×16

We finally decided on a tent for the Azores, the Ozark Trail 16×16 (It’s a Warlmart brand)


It was impossible to get in Europe, so I was able to find it for a bargain in the states (Amazon), paid $218 and lucked out, it was the last one at that price, I can only find them now at over $300

It will go to a courier in MA that will ship it to the Azores by boat for $60 … not bad

Cant wait for next year’s summer season, hope we get to camp in Furnas and Nordeste … I am sure the girls wont be very trilled (they hate being away from wi-fi and the confort of home) but once they get there and start having fun I am sure they will love it … I hope !

I have also bought a large 104L cooler from Igloo, that I was able to buy here in the UK with shipping to Azores included, still need a few more bits and bobs, trying to get it all now during the sale season for camping equipment 🙂



Portuguese born, american accent, living in UK.

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