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Summary of the night

  • server 26 had to be re-formatted, client messed it up beyond repair
  • server 27 had to be re-formatted, client initially requested the wrong OS
  • server 53 crashed while performing backups, reboot and came back fine.
  • server 98 crashed*

Server 98 crashes at about 3:00 AM, turning it ON/OFF would make the HD’s spin and the lights blink, but no video or activity, upon investigation it appeared the CPU fan failed, and the CPU overheated .. we let it cool down, no avail, the CPU seems to be fry, unfortunately it’s a “Duron”, we don’t use those anymore, so no replacement in house.

We decided to move the HD to another intel machine that was on standby, install the OS and migrate the files over.

On the new machine, the install failed twice, HD errors on a new HD, we try it again with another HD, and it went thru, install was done, but now the /etc/fstab need modifying, so it wont try to read the old HD partitions with the same name as the master on boot instead of the master partitions.

After many hours of troubleshooting, we are finally about ready to start the data migration… and it’s 9:00 AM, a whole night lost.

I do 8 Computers.

*Edit (12:30PM) – Finally it’s all done, system has been restored successfully*

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