DVD’s Arrived

Today Parcel Force arrived with my DVD’s from the US .. man, the box was quite heavy .. 212$ for shipping (could have been cheaper if I sent it by boat, but this way was safer.

Img 0296 Img 0297

There was other stuff on the box of course, so it was worth the price of shipping.

So I spend over an hour entering them all into Delicious Library .. I love that program .. so according to it, I have 127 DVD’s .., today I really wished I had a iSight .. as entering all those DVD’s by hand was a chore .. with iSight I would have just scan the tags 🙂

I have use DeliciWeb to export the to HTML format .. so I can post it on the site (actually, been doing that for a while) .. the link to the DVD collection is HERE.


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