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July 2015


Flew London (STN) to Ponta Delgada (Azores) (PDL)....

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50mm 0.95 with Close Focus adapter

This is a test using the Canon 50mm 0.95, with the M mount convertion and mounted on a A7R with the...

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Plymouth Prowler

I remember back in 2001 when I was buying a Jeep Grand Cherokee V8, at the showroom of the...

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Removing vents on center console (Prowler)

So I needed to remove the AC vents form the radio console, so I can have it painted I noticed there...

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Flew Lviv (LWO) to Munich (MUC). 558 mi on Lufthansa in 1h, 40m. Flew Munich (MUC) to London (LHR)....

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Flew London (LHR) to Warsaw (WAW). 912 mi on LOT - Polish Airlines in 2h, 30m. Flew Warsaw (WAW) to...

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