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April 2017

Captain America Ultimate

Ian has finished the paint job on my Alpha 3 Captan America Ultimate We went with the tradicional...

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Flew Doha (DOH) to London (LHR). 3,254 mi on British Airways in 7h, 20m....

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Boat in Doha

A boat in Doha, Qatar - Taken with the Canon 50 0.95 @ 0.95...

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Flew London (LHR) to Doha (DOH). 3,254 mi on British Airways in 6h, 55m....

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Wolverine Weapon-X

I have been waiting for this one for quite a long time, it's the Phase 1 on a supposedly 5 Phases of...

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Batman Hong Kong

Finally, after many months, the Batman Hong Kong is done ! This is a massive piece, it stands...

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