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August 2016

Spawn has arrived

So my ¼ scale Spawn has arrived, unfortunately it suffered some small damage to the cape in transit,...

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Another PO, make by a new company, the detail looks great, expect it by end of year...

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Mass Effect Thane

So it seems GamingHeads is indeed continuing with the Mass Effect line, they just opened the PO for...

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Walkthrough of my statue collection – Summer 2016

So after I setup my display cabinet, I did a short video to show my current collection, me with my...

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Building the display cabinets

For the past couple of months I have been planning to get some display cabinets for my statues, we...

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PAX cabinets are done !

Finished the PAX cabinets, the bottom two shelves on each cabinet have been reenforced with a metal...

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