Back on early 2013 I had bought an Omega Z-33, they had been released a few months before and I absolutely loved it !

But a few months later, with the idea of getting a Titanium Omega PO instead I sold it … and ever since I regretted it, the Z-33 is a marmite watch, and it’s so unique that really divides opinions, and thats one of the things I loved about it, it really made you love it or hate it, but nobody was indifferent.

It was also quite a futuristic looking watch, and being in IT myself, I like gadgets and stuff like that 🙂

Well, now a little over 3 years later, I was offered a deal I could not refuse, and I got one again !!

This time it came with two bracelets, the brown leather one and the black rubber one, I had not had the rubber one before so for now thats the one I will use it, at least for a while anyway (I do love the brown one)

This time I will try to hold on to it, it’s rare that I ever go back and buy something I had and sold before, so it really shows how much I liked it.

Omega Z-33