Well, I finally got my tattoo sleeve started !!

I have been pondering for a while now what to make the subject of my sleeve, initially I was tempted to do a ‘gaming’ sleeve, full of characters of games I loved, while I still like that idea, I decided instead o make a more personal one.

So the plan was to do a sleeve with my kids and sally, but since I did not want actual pictures (people change), I decided to represent them as skulls instead, in the end, when we all gone, the skulls are the one bit that stays πŸ˜‰

I also did not want anything nasty or gore, I wanted a more ‘toon-ish’ feel to it, so I used our caricature drawings for a base, the Tattoo artist (Franz Cruz from Baboo Studio on Limehouse) did a skeleton version.


After we agreed on the design, it was time to schedule an outline session, this is where the black outline is done, that usually hurts, and it did hurt like hell

The session took just over 6 hours, I cut lie, it was really painful, luckily the guys went out and got me some beers, I just drank a few cold ones and try to relax, the pain is allot less obvious when you just get yourself relaxed, the more you focus on the pain the more evident it is.

This is how it looked with the stencil on


And After with the tattoo outline done


It was a painful one, but by god is it worthy, I love how it came out, and this is just the outline, next come colour and background, still undecided 100% if Franz will do the shading, or if i’ll used this other artist that does some kickass shading, we will see


And there we have it, Phase 1 done, 6 hours, probably another 20-25 hours of work to go … ouch !!

On these pics below one can see each individual person, the weird robot/brain at the top is of course my NullMind logo that Adilson Farias drew for me almost 10 years ago πŸ™‚

IMG_0247.jpg IMG_0248.jpg

And yeah, I have some bruising, especial on the inside of the arm and on the fold of the elbow, but it will go away in a few days πŸ™‚