Steak Sandwich

Right around the corner from UK2 there is this pub called “The Big Chill Bar‎“, it’s the sort of place you might walk by 100 times and never go in, it’s nice, but does not call massive attention to itself.

A friend of mine (Karl) mentioned to me a few weeks back that every time he comes to London, he loves to go there and have their “Steak Sandwich”.

That got me curious, so I decided to try it .. and that was the beginning of my own love affair with their sandwich, while a whole meal there at lunch is only £6, I find it better tasting than a £20 / plate steak I had recently on a SOHO restaurant :)

So, when me and Everaldo where unsure yesterday of where to eat for lunch, I dragged him the 40 or so feet from the office to the pub to try it out .. and now he is a fan also :)

Patiently awaiting for my sandwich …

3 Responses to Steak Sandwich
  1. john mcdermott

    :) i remember this face !

  2. NullMind

    Lol, heya John, long time no see :) .. what can I say, a face only a mother or a blind wife could love 😀

  3. john mcdermott

    agreed :)

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