I have been meaning to post this, on October I got a new job with UK2 .. it’s a great new challenge and I expect this new appointment to spawn some incredible results and a kick ass new control panel .. thats as much as I can say 🙂 .

Here is the news report by “thewhir

UK-2 Names Senior Usability Officer

By Justin Lee, theWHIR.com

October 15, 2008 — (WEB HOST INDUSTRY REVIEW) — UK Internet solutions provider UK-2 Group (www.uk2.net) announced on Monday it has named Carlos Rego in the company’s newly created role of Senior Usability Officer.

In the press release, the specifications of the position and respective duties are somewhat vague, simply stating that “Rego will be responsible for redefining the web hosting end user experience.”

Rego is the former managing director of Positive Software automation division of Comodo, which was acquired by Parallels.

“In an industry where many players are as indistinct as the nodes of the Internet, Carlos is one of those rare few who can point out actual achievements,” says Ditlev Bredahl, managing director of the UK-2Group. “His work at Positive Software elevated H-Sphere from obscurity to one of the top control panels in the industry. He has demonstrably built up several companies and we look forward to a similar contribution here at UK-2 Group.”

Rego was also one of the pioneers of redundant and split web services, which are now industry standards, and implemented software capable of cloud/grid based environments, years before it became a hot topic.

Occasionally in the hosting industry, companies will create an entirely new position, complete with its own unique job title, to fulfill a needed role.

Some companies will create these new positions as a quick fix solution to consolidating several duties into one role, while others develop the new roles to focus and prioritize key activities.

Mosso, Rackspace Hosting’s cloud computing division, is another company that recently created a new role, naming 20-year technology veteran Bruce Runyan the company’s chief uptime officer.

UK-2 Group provides domain name registration and web hosting services to a wide customer base through its several hosting brands, which include UK2.net, US2.net, Midphase.com and Resell.biz.

Earlier this month, the company announced it recently acquired Web host Dotable, bringing with it over 10,000 domains.

Not too shabby 🙂