I have been working or Parallels since they bought PSoft from Comodo (about 9-10 months ago).

I cant fault the company, they have came a long way and still they have much more to go, but unfortunately it was just not working for both the company and myself, so as of last Thursday (3rd) I no longer work there (well, I am on 30 days notice).

There are several factors of why, one of them being that I was one of the few (if not the only) remote employee, in many ways I felt detached, mostly because the company is not structured to deal with remote single employees … everybody works on a Parallels office, not at home, second, coming from 8+ years of owner, co-owner & shareholder of the companies I worked for, to be relegated to a lower echelon was just not for me, I am only happy at the top, or close to the top .. if I am not part of the decision making process, I am not really happy.

Also my way of working did not help, being used to not report to anybody, I keep all my activities within the confinement of my laptop, I was not used to have to use a CRM such as Salesforce, that was a pain, and i did not adapt well to that structure, but then again, if I where working at the sales office in US or UK, then the need for such a tool is not as relevant.

So, now I am out, if this experience taught me something is that I do prefer to work on a smaller company, where the decision making is more personal and the trill of growth is very much alive ..

In the next few days and weeks I will be sending my resumé to a few prospects, time to move on.