A few weeks back I finalized the deal with the landlord for a new area for RC NUT

Basically it will allow the shop to be almost 5x as big, loads moire space with direct access from the car park (currently access is thru the inside corridor only) .. plus it will be big enough to have a nice Lounge Area, with TV / XBOX and Simulators .. good for chill-out .. people on the RC works do love to come to the shop and just chill .. this gives them an area to relax.

We will also have a proper office area and storage / packaging, on the other side of the shop we will have a proper workbench, with tools and chargers, to properly work on customer’s cars .. no more plunking it on top of the display counter

On the center of the shop will be the massive (when I say massive I mean probably 50+ feet) display and sales counter, these will be glass showing the models inside, in the back of it we will have the hopups and expensive small stuff, in the front .. the area where the customer is, we will have massive amounts of space for models, and large items.

Unfortunately this all costs loads of ££ .. so the plan with the landlord is for us to have it done by Christmas time .. we will do it in stages and then move when it’s done, this gives us loads of time to do it right (plus pay it as we do it) .. it will be great once it’s done .. the shop will be massive.

We are taking basically almost an entire side of the building, we will have our own car park and green area, on the green area in front of the shop I’m even contemplating building a small 1/18th Astro track (for electric) .. just for ambience and a bit of fun.

The only problem with all this is .. as those who have visited us recently have seen .. we are getting FULL, the shop is packed with stock .. I could use to have this done for next week .. but hey, one needs to be smart and not go crazy and get into debt, so I rather do it slower and pay it on the spot as we go.