A few weeks back I was trying to decide on a new paint scheme for the Summer Series, in the end I went with my regular yellow/red/blue with white accents scheme, just a little different design, this is the sketch I made of it:


Well, I then went ahead and got me a Aztek A470 airbrush, I decided to use my petrol powered air compressor to do the painting, that proved to be the wrong choice, the compressor is great for trackside when I need to remove dirt and stuff from the car, but it does not have a “smooth” air flow for an Airbrush (plus is a bit too powerful, even on the lowest setting) .. so when I was doing some of the detail, it did too much spatter .. thats ok, I’m going to buy a proper airbrush compressor for the next one.

I used masking tape and a custom made stencil for the RC NUT .. this is how it looked after it was all applied

IMG_3112.JPG IMG_3113.JPG

Two weeks later, a few minutes here and there and it’s finally done, I love it, I do wish I had used a pearl white for the RC NUT instead of silver, but in the sun, the silver does whine nice.

200805082237.jpg 200805082238.jpg

It was fun, allot of work, but fun, not too sure on the Faskmask liquid mask I used .. it felt rubbery at times, the Pactra colors on the other hand are beautiful, I backed it all with some Tamiya rattle can silver, just to protect the Pactra paint from Nitro Fuel, I do have some sealant from Pactra, but lets see how this works.