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September 2004

Plane Tickets

Went downtown and got the Plane Tickets for the UK trip. :) 51...

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Progress on Uk Move

Well, I have been scouring the UK (remotely) for the past few months for a suitable place to live...

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No Laptop Yet

Damm "Parcel Force" They didnt deliver my new Puter today :p .. and now they have to put a trace on...

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Bought new Laptop – NX7000

I just got a new laptop, it's a Compaq/HP NX7000 Centino 1.6Ghz 1 Gb Ram 60 GB HD WSXGA Screen...

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Apartment I is out

- Didnt got the Apartment in Swansea (I) Yesterday I got an email form Adam, they decided to let...

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Spoke with Adam about the apartment

I am trying to get a flat share in the Uk town of Swansea, today I called and spoke with the flat...

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